11th Image For The Society Series

by cholmesart

It’s official…I have become obsessed with this series. No matter where I am or what I am doing, all I can think about is what will I do next? I could be standing in a grocery store, and all of sudden I start thinking about our food problems, from hunger in the US, to Food Stamps, to e.coli. Crazy yes! Probably not even normal. I sit in a restaurant that flashes the latest news, even though I try to ignore it to have a nice relaxing meal, there it is. Whatever is happening in the news it sneaks into my head, and I see my next photograph. Sometimes it takes me a few minutes to compile something and other times it takes hours. Here is the 11th image for the series, please comment if you would like. I encourage it. Thanks again for popping in. πŸ™‚



“Cyber Attacks”