Work In Progress…

by cholmesart

I normally do not post unless I have an image to post, but today I wanted to just write what was on my mind. Lately, I have been surfing the web and have been seeing all these wonderful photographs of fake Holga shots, TtV’s, and Polaroids. I think it is fine but, for me I am realizing I enjoy the whole process of the art. Actually shooting with a Holga to get the desired effect. Shooting with my funny looking contraption connected to my Duaflex to create my TtV. Using an actual Polaroid camera with Fujifilm for image transfers. I feel a connection. It would really be nice to one day have my own darkroom so I can really get my hands dirty. 🙂

I am currently doing a lot of thinking about what I want my art to say. I want to combine the mediums I love, because it is difficult for me to just focus on one. Maybe I am thinking too much and should just do it and see what happens. Be intuitive. Anyhow…I am thankful to be constantly learning.

Have a safe & Happy Independence Day!