100th Post

by cholmesart

Every now and then I get this urge to go out into the night to capture images. I am glad I did tonight. Experimental Night Photography is interesting & fun! There are a field of dandelions I pass everyday, and I have taken photos of them in different lighting. So tonight my better half was gracious enough to turn the headlights on and wait patiently in the car until I got my shots in. Thank God for A/C in cars. Mind you I could of done this alone, but he insisted it wasn’t safe and there was no way I was going out into the night alone (I gotta good man). Here are the results…experimental so please keep an open mind, I encourage comments as always, and thanks for stopping in to take a peek. 🙂




























From top to bottom:

* The Night We Met

* Dance With Me

*Dreaming Of You

* Hot Summer Nights

I seem to have problems adding the titles besides each image, so I’ll try it like this. Hope you enjoyed viewing these as much as I loved capturing them!