A Wonderful JPG Magazine Surprise

by cholmesart

I submitted my first photo essay to JPG and it made “Story of the Week”!

Story of the Week:
A Modern Abstract Feel with a Vintage Camera (TtV)



Instead of the traditional vintage feel that TtV photography has, Carol Holmes decided to make pictures that are more modern and abstract. Check out her beautiful images that resulted!
Nominated by Sandra d’Souza.


TTV’s are generally known for their vintage feel. I decided to experiment and change the way we look through the viewfinder. Instead of an old fashioned look, I went to the other end of the spectrum looking to create a modern abstract image. In this newest series I find myself searching for flowers, colors, and light.

For those who do not know…TTV’s (Through-the-Viewfinder) is a technique that incorporates the use of two cameras for one image. For these photographs I have used a 1947 Kodak Duaflex TLR (twin-lens reflex) with a Canon EOS 350-D SLR (single-lens reflex).