A New Year With New TTV’s

by cholmesart

I am pretty sure everyone is sick of winter already. Today was a beautiful day full of sun, blue skies, blooming dogwoods, and perfect temperatures. It’s exciting to think of the new year ahead and to be able to capture new ttv’s and completing my first ttv book. I have just a few more tweaks before I can make it public, I hope it turns out to be a great success. I really enjoyed putting it together.

I was recently asked to do a talk at LCC Lenoir Community College for a digital camera class about Through-the-Viewfinder Photography.  I wasn’t able to do it this time around, but I am hoping one day I will be asked again, so I can talk about my art. I was flattered to be asked. “Thanks, Julie”. 🙂

Anyway…here is my newest ttv, dedicated to my JPG friends who are sick and tired of winter.





” A Brand New Beginning”