In-Camera Double Exposure

by cholmesart

I was in experimental mode this evening. Since I had not had a successful day of taking photographs, I was determined to return home with something. I have never taken a double exposure In-camera with a DSLR. Not even knowing if it was possible or not, I was playing around. I set up my tripod in front of the studio. Decided not to use a flash. I pressed the shutter button and zoomed out slowly during the long exposure. This is what I came up with. 




    “Home Invasion”



I am hoping to try this again. Maybe several more times to see what interesting images I can come up with. I kept reading double exposures In-camera using a digital camera was not possible, and that you would have to use Photoshop. I would consider this a double exposure. I do not have a mode for this on my camera either. So maybe this is something new. ???