by cholmesart

A few congratulations are in order!

* To my friend and former Design & Photography instructor, Julie Snyder Mixon for her first solo exhibition that was held at Southeastern Community College in Whiteville, NC. The exhibition was called, “Respites & Revisits”.  Although I could not attend she was gracious enough to post some pictures of the exhibit on Facebook. Thank you, Julie for sharing that with me! I am so proud of you! : )

* To my friend and former classmate, Sherri Peterson for having your painting “Fever” accepted into the Schwa Show in Greenville, NC. I know you are working on 15 paintings to get accepted into the Masters Program at East Carolina, I know you can do it! I have faith in you! Oh and you can stop working on the portrait of my mom, for now…I want you to be able to concentrate on your class work.

*And finally, I heard through the grapevine that LCC Lenoir Community College may be getting a building erected for an Art Gallery. I’m crossing my fingers it all happens, it will be an amazing gift, the LCC students deserve it! The head of the Art Department is my friend and former drawing, painting, and art appreciation instructor, Nathan Dolde. I haven’t given up on drawing & painting, it’s just a longer process, one day I will surprise you! 🙂


I am always happy with my friends successes, I wish them all the best!