Yes I Am Still At The Beach : )

by cholmesart

Why not take a photograph of a ceiling fan? I’m trying to look at everything in a new light(no pun intended).




“Peachy Beachy Deco”

            8 x 8



Summer is almost over, and winter is on the way.



 “The Winter Blues”

             8 x 8




I have never taken an outdoor TTV at night, and as I was watching the sun set, I decided why not. Not knowing if it would work or not. This is the result.


     ” Summer Nights”

                8 x 8






And last, but not least. Our little Max. He’s become quite the traveller. Too much excitement for one day, I think he’s becoming a beach bum! ; )


“He’s Got It Made & Knows It”

                  11 x 14