Finally a Fuji Transfer : )

by cholmesart

Fuji Transfer is a photographic image-transfer process which involves using either a camera, enlarger, slide printer, or Daylab. In this case, I used a 1967 Polaroid Land 220 with Fuji FP-100C peel apart film.

First I captured my image, but did not pull the film out of the camera until I was ready to transfer. In a darkroom with a small nightlight across the room, I taped a piece of Arches watercolor paper (140lbs. hot press) onto the counter. Then I pulled out my image and waited 15 sec. before peeling the film apart and after doing so I placed the negative onto my paper. Then I used a brayer and pressed hard for 15 sec. and for another 15 sec. I used my finger to rub the backing of the negative. I slowly lifted the negative and here are some of the results. Nothing perfect, but a good start considering this is my first time.


I know I need to press harder when rolling with the brayer.

 “Old Shack”






I definitely need more practice…



 More flaws, but this one came out much lighter. I did adjust the lighting mode on the camera.

 “New Barn”




I can’t wait to try making more images using this technique! I do like the cloud formations in the first two images, and for the last one I like how the red door pops, how lighter everything looks, and the fact I’m getting a better grasp of this. More to come…